The BAAC is an organization whose purpose is to serve the local visual artist community within the Buda area, engage the Buda community (public) in the visual arts, and participate in the cultural development of the City of Buda.


Our first meeting in January of 2020, hosted in the Gallery at Particular Home Design, was an open call to our local-area artists to gather and meet in person. The turnout was robust and excitement in the air with so many artists eager to collaborate! Our meeting the following month focused on surveying and brainstorming, with sign-up sheets for project leads and the plan to meet again in four weeks... then March 2020 brought the first lockdown. Due to the overwhelming need for everyone to adjust to the changing routines introduced with a pandemic, the original timelines and action items were relaxed, some set aside, and focus given towards our families and neighbors.

Once the dust began to settle a bit, the original signup sheets were pulled out, emails sent, and a small group of artists set to the task of formalizing our mission and goals, and building the social media components that were needed. 2020 continued to require immense amounts of flexibility surrounding project timetables, and working within the parameters of volunteer positions. As the New Year rounded the corner, Amanda Rainey and Linda Chido, formally partnered to help bring the BAAC into the future.

In February of 2021, Amanda and Linda published the first BAAC newsletter and launched the BAAC website.  In March, they designed and implemented the first BAAC public art project - Art Rocks.

We're excited to collaborate with our fellow artists, art enthusiasts, and art-newbies alike. The sky's the limit for some, but for us, it's just on the edge of your imagination...


BAAC Co-Chairs  2020-2021

Amanda and Linda have fifty years of combined experience in the art industry. Between working on their individual art, full time jobs, marriages, children, and many pets, Amanda and Linda are committed to bringing a spotlight to the incredible talent that is in their home of Buda, TX.  Through their shared management of all the parts of the BAAC, they have done just that.

"We're passionate about the Arts and all the ways they enhance and color our lives. The Visual Arts are our home-turf and we want to broaden that experience, deepen its' connection, and I guess you could say... we wanna paint the town!"



This section is currently being built. Please check back to meet all of our amazingly talented local artists.

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